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Hela Lunds skoltidning

Alzheimer’s Research

You’ve probably heard of Alzheimer’s before, Alzheimer’s is a brain disease causing a gradual degradation of mental capabilities in older people. Some background information about Alzheimer’s is in order. Alzheimer’s acts in three stages, the initial stage which is really just damage to the recall capabilities and slight cognitive slowdown, after this you enter into…
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The Old Man – a short story

The old man stood by the coffin and sighed. He had meant to leave earlier, yet somehow his departure had been delayed and he’d been forced to rush to the church. He had stopped by his home on the way down to collect a few things […]. Outside it was chilly, but he hadn’t felt a thing as he walked silently along the pavement.

What makes a great art exhibition?

Great art exhibitions seem to transpire when an artist, or even a group of artists, have been working in obscurity or isolation until their “works” are completed and their unique approach are ready to be unveiled. This results in an exhibition appealing to the mind, in a spiritual, yet educational manner. “The adventurous. The ambitious.…
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Carnival in Italy

A couple of weeks ago on the 28th of February we celebrated Mardi Gras (Fettisdag), and during that period Carnival also takes place. I wanted to share with you guys how this celebration looks like in Italy. What is Carnival? Carnival is an old festivity and its origin comes from Christian traditions. It’s often celebrated…
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The state of state surveillance

How can this be used and what will happen if competing nations get their hands on the information?


Poem: The Graveyard

It stands still as I look outSomething permanentNot sadYet a peaceful unrestBewitches the last voicesThat die out. Down in the graveyardNight has fallenThe light has slowly fadedInto a heavenly and sacred silence. As the last of the living energyJoins their own worldWith hearts that soarAs they remember the lost souls,A breeze stirs the air And…
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How to be vegan

Last Friday we interviewed two girls who have been vegans for quite some time. We asked them about their vegan lifestyle and what their diets look like.

Top 5: News from Apple and The Loss of The Headphone Jack

It’s currently Wednesday on the 8th of september and I’m sitting in front my Apple TV, ready with snacks and drinks because tonight Apple has something to show us. They are letting the public see what will be available just in time for the holiday season. I’m expecting something new, refreshing and exciting. And boy…
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6 ways to reduce stress

Stress is your body’s reaction to a situation of pressure. When you’re stressed your body reacts by releasing chemicals in your blood. These chemicals give people more energy and strength, which can be a good thing in certain situations. But too much stress can cause many problems if you don’t find a way to release it.…
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