How is the life as an exchange student? Ilteris Kaan Cerit, N2F, is from Turkey. He has been in Sweden for one month and he is more than enthusiastic to be here. What made him write Sweden on his wish list?  

 Ilteris in front of the Cathedral School, Lund
Ilteris in front of the Cathedral School, Lund

The Cathedral School of Lund transmits one’s thoughts to old, fantasylike buildings. Sadly, you simply forget about the stunning architecture after some months as a student. I was gladly reminded of the schools beauty when Ilteris told me about his first visit there. 

-When I entered the school, I was shocked. It was huge and beautiful! 

However, his first days were also partly tough. Coming to a new country without knowing the language and without knowing anybody is demanding, but Ilteris has not hesitated about his decision. The life as an exchange student comes with a lot of experiences and opportunities to meet friends who you can exchange traditions and thoughts with.  
For example, Ilteris is nowadays a big fan of cinnamon buns. [No more words needed, just the sound of the word makes whoever happy] The Turkish food can by no means be replaced fully, through Ilteris’ opinion. Swedish kebab is for example nothing to compare with turkish kebab, which explains why Ilteris also misses his home country’s food. 
Another difference between Turkey and Sweden is the weather. Sweden is known for its changing weather. It is significant by rain, cold winds and a sky full of clouds. However, this does not seem to bother Ilteris. 
-Some people may be curious about why I like the [swedish] weather. I like it because in Turkey it is so hot and a depressing air which, sometimes, makes me feel uncomfortable. But in Lund it is nearly always cold, disregardless I like the cold. 
Except for the weather, Sweden has many other likeable things. Ilteris has brought his interest for bicycling to Lund, the perfect city for bicyclers. In the inner city, he admires the old buildings, the shops, the friendly people and well, the whole atmosphere. 

Through my talk with Ilteris, I noticed some of the simple things that one often takes for granted. People nowadays are often running from one activity to another, without being aware of the beauty in the daily life. Maybe we all should stop and see things from another perspective?  
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Writer: Julia Rehn

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