After a threating message was posted on a social media app, Lund University decided to stay closed this Monday.

This Sunday morning a message, similar to the one that was posted in media before the school shooting in an American school in Oregon, was posted on the social media app Jodel. 

The message: “Some of you are ok. Don’t go to the university tomorrow if you are in Lund. Look at the news tomorrow morning. So long jodlers”.

The message was seen on the app Jodel; an app frequently used by students in Lund. On the app people can send anonymous notes, which can be read within 10 km from the area where they were sent.

During the night to Monday, many students expressed concern on Jodel and other social media. The matter was taken up by the police and an urgent meeting took place yesterday between the University’s crisis management and the Board. The University Board has decided to close down the teaching today. Even Helsingborg’s universities have been closed, while Malmö University continues scheduled education.

Another message appeared on Jodel this morning, exactly the same as the Sundays message. Several Jodel users have contacted the police. 

“We take it very seriously”

Lund secondary schools engaged in teaching as usual, but observe the course of events during the day. Katedralskolan’s website provides links to pages with updated information.

“We take it very seriously and rely on the municipality and police cooperation,” said Katedralskolan’s Principal Kenneth Flennmark . The school received calls from worried parents and the school board has discussed security.


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