Turkish turkey 

Ilteris Kaan Cerit, exchange student from Turkey, shares a delicious recipe often eaten during New Year’s Eve. The roasted turkey can be served with rice and several tasty side dishes for the perfect New Year’s dinner.


1 turkey

Half a glass of olive oil

4 spoons of butter

4 glasses of warm water

3 spoons of chicken bouillon

1 onion

Salt & pepper

How to do: 

Heat the oven to 175*C. Clean and wash the turkey and put some butter onto its breast. Put 1 onion inside of the turkey. Blend 4 glasses of warm water, chicken bouillon, salt and pepper in a bowl. Add the blending onto the turkey and it is ready to cook! Let the turkey stay in the oven during approximately 3 hours. Afiyet olsun! (Enjoy your meal!)

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