All around the world there are numerous diets that people follow. Currently veganism has become very popular amongst young adults.

But what is veganism exactly and how is it beneficial?

A vegan diet consists of only plant based foods, which means that there is no consumption of animal products (milk, eggs, honey and so on).

When following a healthy vegan diet you will find your energy level to be much higher, as the diet contains carbohydrates, fiber and magnesium. However it’s also important to consider the consumption of supplements such as the vitamin B12, in order to have an equilibrated diet.

Last friday we interviewed two girls who has been vegans for quite some time. We asked them about their vegan lifestyle and what their diets look like.

“Being vegan is quite simple if you have the right products. For example, you can make a sandwich by using vegan bread, vegan butter and soul cheese. The big difference is that you don’t put any meat on it.” 

“You can eat everything, you just have to buy the right ingredients. For example, you can still eat pizza, you just put vegan cheese.”  

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By: Chiara Marino and Jasmine Aishatu Mudingay

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