As many of you know the Super Bowl is an annual school event organized by students from the three biggest schools in Lund, Katedralskolan, Spyken and Polhem. The first Super bowl started in 2008 and it is now Sweden’s biggest school event with 3000 spectators every year.

The two teams are already getting ready for the big game, as the first tryout of the year kicked off this week, and will continue next week as well. To know more details about this noted event I interviewed one of the coaches that are in charge of the Super Bowl Spyka Wolves team, Dag Blomgård.

The teams are divided into the girls and boys team, and they usually are between 20 and 25 people in each one.  As this is a school event it is accessible for all those interested therefore it is not required to have any past experience in rugby. As stated from one of the coaches, the most important thing is to play with heart and put effort in the team.

Polhem always have a talented team with very good athletes, but I believe the key to winning is to play with passion and be disciplined.”

This year’s coaches are Matilda Dahlin, Sandra Kisch, Oscar Wahlström, and Dag Blomgård

Written by Chiara Marino

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