Parkour is the practice of moving in the most efficient way from point A to point B. There are many philosophies behind this practice;, a common one is that parkour is about training one’s mental and physical strength in order to be able to overcome all the obstacles that life presents you.

We’ve been interviewing Ricky Millerjord, a student at Katedralskolan. He’s in his second year of economy and law, and he’s a passionate athlete. Ricky started training parkour in winter 2011. He told us that he came to know parkour mainly through YouTube, by watching videos with another friend, and so he decided to start. 

 Ricky performing a backflip at Katedralskolan
Ricky performing a backflip at Katedralskolan

In the interview we asked Ricky what parkour is to him. He told us parkour is a way of becoming fully present.

“It feels like meditation and makes me feel amazing” he says. He expressed how mastering his body in the art of movement helped him to overcome stress and worries. Ricky also practices freerunning and tricking. Freerunning is similar to parkour but in addition it has flips and tricks, while tricking is mostly about learning, developing and connecting different tricks in order to show and entertain.

During the interview Ricky pointed out that when training it’s important to improve but without rushing to learn new things too early, since that can lead to getting hurt. Some of the most common injuries usually happens at ligaments, knees and lower back. But they can all be easily avoided by training with progressive steps and by properly warming up the muscles before the workout and doing stretching afterwards.

We asked Ricky what’s the best way to become good at parkour. Ricky thinks the best way is to learn by training with a coach or friends that have more experience so you can learn from them and they can correct you in case you’re doing something wrong.

Ricky’s goal is to keep training in the future and his dream would be to make parkour his profession.

“Where there’s a will there’s a way” ends Ricky.

Facebook page of Ricky’s parkour gym

Ricky’s YouTube channel →


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