A couple of weeks ago on the 28th of February we celebrated Mardi Gras (Fettisdag), and during that period Carnival also takes place. I wanted to share with you guys how this celebration looks like in Italy.

What is Carnival?

Carnival is an old festivity and its origin comes from Christian traditions. It’s often celebrated with public parades that have playful and creative themes. But what makes Carnival special is the typical usage of masks. The word “carnival” comes from the latin “carnem levare” which means “farewell to meat”, that refers to the last day of the carnival, Mardi Gras (Fettisdag), right before the fasting period of the Lent.

Carnival in Italy

The Carnival in Italy is very famous, especially the one in Venice and the one in Viareggio.

What characterize the festivity in Venice are the typical costumes and unique masks that bring color, wonder, and a magical sensation. During the days of Carnival there are several events that take place in different parts of Venice, including concerts and shows.

 Carnival costumes
Carnival costumes

Another main attraction during the Carnival in Italy is the parade with carnival floats. Viareggio offers a very spectacular parade, where plenty of carnival floats animate the streets while people throw confetti at them.

 Carnival floats
Carnival floats


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