Great art exhibitions seem to transpire when an artist, or even a group of artists, have been working in obscurity or isolation until their “works” are completed and their unique approach are ready to be unveiled. This results in an exhibition appealing to the mind, in a spiritual, yet educational manner.

“The adventurous. The ambitious. The philosophical.” The DP14 IB Art Exhibition “Do we have anything in common” was displayed at Stenkrossen on 30th of March. Nine artists’ (visual art students) works were represented in different forms: photographs, paintings, sculptures, films, etc.

Each artistic process explicitly reflects back to the artists’ knowledge on art, some particular features always bringing us back to the theme “what do we have in common”. Good stories were put together with color, shapes, forms and textures, a provoking experience for the viewer.

It was an honor to be there and to enjoy the exhibition. It is astounding, what a phenomenal team, what spectacular creations, it is overwhelming.


Sihan Ma

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